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Elevate environments with sustainable Silica textiles in vibrant new shades.

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Our AI Text and Image Search is a new, cutting-edge feature that's designed to meet you at any stage of your unique project journey and assist in your creative process.

With AI Text Search, you can type in the look and feel of the products you're searching for, and AI will match you with the closest results.

To use AI Image Search, upload a mood board, stock image or sketch, and our tool will match the style and color scheme with products in our line.

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    As the largest supplier of textiles in the commercial industry, we offer expertly curated collections in over 1,000 patterns.
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    Momentum wallcovering helps you create sophisticated spaces that are as distinct as they are dependable and offer over 1,000 patterns in over 20,000 colorways.
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    Wall Protection

    View our comprehensive line of wall protection solutions that combine a wide variety of colors and aesthetics with proven performance.
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    With the largest product offering in the industry, you can count on us to continue to bring you the latest in design and color. Check out our newest textiles & wall products.

The World of Wools

Naturally renewable and implicitly durable, wool's timeless appeal is artfully embodied in our Finnegan Wool Collection. We bundled together three wool-rich textiles that offer unparalleled softness and top performance at an accessible price point, with sumptuous mix-and-match color combinations that embody the lively energy of the modern era.

Clean, Impactful

Weaving nature with architecture, the Light Collection is a breath of fresh, dynamic air in modern wellness spaces. From the glimmering whimsy of Flitter to the gentle art deco of Abeam, these performance textiles mirror the fleeting beauty of shadows and light dancing across the room.

Iconic collections for iconic designs

Our well-rounded and inspired collections of commercial textiles and wallcoverings are thoughtfully constructed to combine originality, functionality and innovation to exceed the needs of any space. See how Momentum is leading the charge in commercial interiors.

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