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We are on a mission to maintain our industry-leading take-back program. With only two clicks, you can help keep our sampling program environmentally conscious and sustainable.

In an effort to reuse, repurpose and reduce waste, we ask for your help by returning memo samples at no cost to you. In order to minimize the environmental impact of return transportation, we encourage customers to ship 25 or more samples through the program, although smaller quantities are accepted as well.

We appreciate your support in our Momentum fabric samples recycling program.

Memo Sample Return Program

This service is offered at no cost to our customers. We recommended returning 25 or more memos in order to minimize the environmental impact of return transportation.


UPS Ground

Ship to:

Momentum Group

Attn: Memo Sample Return

655 Brigham Rd. Ste 100

Greensboro, NC 27409


Momentum Group