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Weaving Warmth Into Workspaces

Elevated Office Comfort

In the ever-evolving world of work, the office is no longer a mere location for professional tasks; it is a destination that should nurture hybrid work, company culture, collaboration, and now, comfort—visually, psychologically, spatially, and in all the forms that come to mind (blankets and pillows included).

In the post-COVID era, there's a noticeable shift towards office spaces that focus on enticing and welcoming employees back (particularly those accustomed to working from home) through a new type of hybrid workplace design. With the right blend of inviting textures, soothing colors, and enticing layouts, any traditional office can creatively transform into an inviting haven that supports both productivity and personal wellbeing. By bringing the comfort and warmth of home into the workplace, employees can finally have a space they feel both inspired and at ease in.

Softened Spaces: Textiles with Cocooning Textures

From open floor plans to cubicle nooks, the materials used in the workplace matter. Even the mere sight of certain fabrics or textures in an office can offer a feeling of stress-free mental clarity and office comfort for colleagues and visitors alike.

With Gen Z shaking up professional lifestyles, the modern-day, classic corporate aesthetics are loosening up—thread by thread—with sumptuous textures, biophilic touches, and functional, inviting accents like area rugs, upholstered pillows, or blankets artfully placed on chairs or in lounge areas. Pops of timeless yet unique patterns—like gentle geometrics, checkers, plaids, and sweater-inspired lines—also break the business-slacks dress code with a dose of sophisticated fun and homey personality, softening any sense of an overly formal or straight-laced environment.  

Our current wool textiles—plus welcoming options like Nubble (above), chunky Boheme, or Finnegan wool blends —along with other woven or even lush and velvety upholstery textures, are an effortless way to lend a cozy and couture feel to office spaces. From the incredibly soft to richly supple, these types of materials create a warm, welcoming environment that naturally nudges workers to settle into their tasks. Add in a cup of coffee and a journal (or laptop) within easy reach, and the workplace becomes a nurturing space where peace and productivity go hand in hand.

Cozy Ambiance: Wood Textures & Warm Lighting

In creating a comfortable 9-to-5 environment, wellness and biophilic elements continue to be a grounding workplace design trend from 2023 and into 2024. All in the details (even as simple as a houseplant on top of desks or a wallcovering or fabric inspired by Mother Nature), this aesthetic brings the outdoors in and creates a human-centric space that promotes connection with others and oneself—both crucial aspects of an enriched work life. Two key features to create office comfort ambiance include wood tones and lighting—both from natural or manmade sources.  

While any earthy elements, patterns, and textures are serene and calming, wood wall accents are one of the easiest ways to incorporate warmth into a workspace, especially those with grey and white tones or industrial metal fixtures.

Whether authentic finishes (like Woods in Beech) made of FSC-certified sustainable cellulose or beautifully replicated options like our PVC Free Type II wallcoverings like Englewood (above), being surrounded by wood tones and textures can make office meetings with colleagues feel like a cozy cabin getaway.

In any room setting—adorned with wood or not—lighting also plays a pivotal role in office comfort and engagement. Designers can foster a relaxed, focused workspace atmosphere by opting for warm, dimmable lighting over harsh fluorescents, along with creative options such as as table lamps or Himalayan salt lamps for a soft glow and cozy ambiance (plus improved air quality and temperature regulation).

Named none other than the Light Collection, the textiles in this bundle like Abeam (seen above) or Flitter invite in the splendor of sun rays dancing around the room, naturally making a space feel alive and look enlarged. Mirrors or other reflective materials also achieve this result.

Comfortable Configurations: Space for Organic Teamwork & Individual Retreats

In terms of workplace comfort outside of the material world, office layouts and configurable furniture should be as flexible and adaptable as the modern hybrid work lifestyle itself. 

Office designers should strive to think outside the (cubicle) box with innovative seating options and spaces for both fluid collaboration and private nooks for individual work.

Envision workspace transformed by tactical comforts. Think hanging egg chairs draped in throws for reviewing meeting notes in a relaxed fashion, a cafe-like arrangement for a quiet buzz and catching up with colleagues for a break, and an ultra-soft modular sofa packed with pillows for enjoying a cozy Zoom call. . . or perhaps even a glass of wine with colleagues for a hygge happy hour!

Areas of peace and privacy are also essential in order to have a productive office, sometimes even more conducive and calming than being at a home office, where other daily interruptions and distractions come into play.

Privacy hubs like a modern-day telephone booth or corner areas with modular furniture (seen in left couch upholstered in Coda, a dense macrame-like textile) are like a snug hug of a space, keeping individual employees in a productive, cocooning bubble for concentration, close reading, or freeform sparks of creativity without the influence of others. Acoustic panels also help create library-like areas that are quiet and focused.

Whether in public or private office areas, when employees feel freely comfortable, creativity flows. Workplace designers can further spark office ease and inspiration with on-brand or artistic digital wallcoverings, too.

While offices of yesteryear may have felt like a different world than the one at home, current interior designers are strategically (and organically) bringing warmth and comfort into the workplace. From cozy and natural elements to easy adaptable layouts, corporate spaces are taking a holistic approach to 9-to-5 spaces, with the aid of unique textiles and wallcoverings. For additional  insights into creating home-like business offices or other workplace design trends, visit us online at

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    Comforting Colors

    Warm hues and neutrals set a settle-in office foundation.
  • 02

    Pattern Play

    Work in timeless yet on-trend prints like plaids, stripes, or geos.
  • 03

    Texture Teamwork

    Blend soft, cozy touches with sleek forms for a homey-mod office vibe.
  • 04

    Creative Zones

    Digital designs morph bare walls into serene scenes or inspiring themes.


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