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P3TEC protects against the unexpected

Extreme durability combined with beautiful aesthetics


Advanced wall protection

P3TEC is a new category of wall protection that fills a real design need for extreme durability in all commercial market interiors with beautiful aesthetics. It merges the best-in-class performance features of impact panels with the great look and ease of installation of traditional wallcoverings.

P3TEC Collection

Superior Performance

A technically innovative product, P3TEC offers three key advantages: impressive performance, easy installation, and compelling design. Seventeen patterns and 295 color choices provide the look of wovens, stones, and decorative textures to high-traffic, high-abuse areas in healthcare, food service, transportation, and much more.

NEW: Madagascan Straw

Dried palm fronds are tinted and woven to create a spectacular blend of natural texture and powerful performance. This richly layered wallprotection features subtle variations in tone to create an authentic natural look.

NEW: Hardwood

Design trends come and go, but the natural warmth and durability of wood will never go out of style. Available in 16 colorways, Hardwood wall protection has the look and feel of natural wood, providing a compelling addition to biophilia-inspired interior, intended to let us feel more connected to nature. Its inviting appearance belies its superlative resistance to abrasion, impact, or chemicals.

Impact Resistant

With flexibility and superior resistance, P3TEC endures impact force from moving objects much greater than other wallcovering and wall protection products.

Chemical Resistant

Protected with a cap film, P3TEC resists surface damage from the harshest chemicals and staining agents. Spray paint, permanent markers and more can be easily removed, leaving P3TEC unblemished and unstained.

Abrasion Resistant

Effectively protects against surface damage from contact with items like chair backs, carts, and wheeled devices common in high-traffic spaces.

Easy to use

Available by the roll, P3TEC ships, handles and installs easily with wallcovering adhesive and offers seamless coverage compared to rigid sheets.


We offer a variety of color choices that bring the look of silk, linen and wovens to high-traffic, high-abuse areas across all market segments.

P3TEC Catalog

Learn more about the key features and advantages of P3TEC and browse newly released patterns and accessories.