High-performing healthcare products

Light Collection

Leading edge healthcare design

While the healthcare market has evolved over the last several years, one essential thing that remains is the necessity to accommodate high traffic areas without compromising the need for inviting and functional spaces. At Momentum, we understand that healthcare design is no small task—so with a combination of our expertise and variety of aesthetically pleasing, calming, and sustainable healthcare wallcovering and textiles, we are here to help you design every patient experience thoughtfully.

Healthcare Products

Where form meets function

The patient experience motivates us, which is why our high-performing collections unite the most important product qualities that allow you to specify the right solution for your project. During the last decade, we've altered the expectations of the industry by creating products that are durable, disinfecting and bleach cleanable to help maintain a high standard of health and safety.

We've also partnered with Healthier Hospitals, a Practice Greenhealth program, to ensure our products are helping to create a new paradigm of health—one that is leading communities to a healthier future.


Our family of silica textiles is the most sustainable, highest performing PVC free alternative for use in patient rooms, lobbies, and other areas within a hospital or clinic environment.

Naked Nylon

Recycled and recyclable, the unbeatable performance of Naked Nylon—bleach cleanability, extreme colorfastness and high abrasion—make it ideal for use in any healthcare setting.

Wall protection

Our suite of flexible healthcare wall protection products offer superior levels of resistance to impact, chemicals and abrasion to fit within any budget.

Clean Vinyl

Our phthalate free and GREENGUARD certified Clean Vinyl textiles and wallcoverings are made using no harmful chemicals, meet clean air certifications and provide transparency.


The industry-leading high-performance finish that uses renewable energy. With stain, liquid, odor, and bacteria resistance, it allows nothing to penetrate.

Privacy Curtains

Calming, uplifting, and private. Our hospital curtain fabric patterns are punctuated with pops of life and provide a sense of movement, spatial dimension, and tranquility.