Project Profiles

Here at Momentum, our team is honored to weave each of our commercial projects into our narrative of passion, innovation, and design expertise. Our portfolio, a richly diverse tapestry of successful ventures, spans from the dynamic energy of educational environments and the sophistication of workspaces to the calming tranquility of healthcare facilities and the charming allure of hospitality venues. Each material selection ties back to a commitment to design excellence and a deep understanding of our clients' aspirations.

No matter the size or scope, each project in our growing portfolio represents a unique collaboration, a thread in the intricate fabric of our partnerships. These interior transformations highlight the surpreme quality, high performance, and beautiful outcomes achieved collectively with our clients. We are proud to have a product for every project, and together, showcase how fabrics and wallcoverings can transform an ordinary space into an extraordinary experience.

We welcome you into our Project Profiles gallery, and hope you feel as inspired as we do by the stunning photography, interesting stories, and the power of Momentum behind each design.

Additional Project Highlights