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voco Chicago Downtown
voco Chicago Downtown

Drawing inspiration from the Chicago River's rich history and the city's skyline, voco Chicago Downtown, now a distinguished part of the IHG Hotels & Resort family, stands out as a chic urban retreat in River North. Gensler's 2022 overhaul transformed every space of the hotel, from the lobby and restaurant/bar to all 521 guestrooms, to mirror the striking panoramic reflections of the flowing river and structured building silhouettes indoors.

From the handcrafted Santa Barbara wallcovering at the concierge desk, echoing water's flow and accented with a voco gold nameplate, to the rust-colored velvety Faux Mo upholstered guestroom chairs and distinctive pattern pops like the Lucio accent pillows, every detail in the hotel's public and private spaces is a metropolitan art sight to be seen (and felt).

Gensler's design narrative for voco Chicago Downtown focuses on creating a luxurious feel with a youthful, modern vibe, all while linking back to key city/river aesthetic themes:

  • Chicago River palette: blues, silvers, & lush greens highlight the flow of nature.

  • Nature's luxury: rust reds to yellow-golds capture the riverbank's essence.

  • Urban charm: materials reflect Chicago's architectural beauty & dynamic spirit.

  • Sustainable design ethos: recycled materials bridge an industrial past & greener future.

What Makes This Project Iconic?

Abundantly adorned with Momentum's textiles and wallcoverings, voco Chicago is fondly nicknamed "Hotel Momentum." This label not only lends a charming nod to our team's significant contribution to this project, but also highlights the hotel's drive and commitment to crafting unique, memorable guest experiences. Voco Chicago brilliantly exemplifies the fusion of contemporary design with playful luxury, crafting an environment that is equally inviting and exhilarating.

Design by Gensler

Photography Credit: © Anthony Tahlier