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Sina Pearson: Textiles with a point of view

An expansive collection of iconic designs

The thread in the journey

An essential chapter to the Momentum story is our partnership with Sina Pearson. As a visionary textile designer with Momentum, Sina has brought iconic artistic design innovation to the table.

Sina's interest in textiles began when she was a small child, and her illustrious professional career has spanned 5 decades. As she often says, she just loves fabric and all the materials and simple to complex processes to create it. The imaginative and intellectual influence of her photographer father and self-taught landscape designer mother can be found in the passion she brings to her work.

For Sina, textile design is rooted in balancing inspiration with a deliberate, yet organic process. Her approach holds reverence for letting every fabric "be what it wants to be" while she seeks to capture moments in time, drawing connections of even the most simple and obscure details. From the blurred view of a passing train to the fine structural details of an architectural façade, she uses real world experiences to guide her design process.

Every Sina Pearson collection tells a unique story. Her soulful travel journeys, love of diverse cultures and the beauty of nature help her discover "moments", while her travel journals and color stories document the textiles' inspiration of people, places and time.

Sina's fabrics are celebrated for their exuberant color palette, complex textures and lively, accessible patterns that gracefully complement one another. Woven with a wide variety of natural and man-made fibers, the fabrics retain a luxurious appearance while meeting the most demanding industry performance standards including GREENGUARD and PVC-free.

The At the Museum collection

A love letter to museums, this award-winning collection includes 6 dimensional patterns, both small and large-scale, that feature linear imagery and geometric shapes. The collection is brought to life with colors that include rich primary hues, fresh mid-tones, and graphic black and white neutrals.


A collection that's surprising and playful, yet completely relevant for today's workplace and hospitality environments.

At the museum

Sina's At the Museum Collection takes us on a tour of early expressionist and modern art we might find in our favorite museum.

Scandinavia 2.0

Recounting the memories of her time living and traveling in Scandinavia and of her Swedish grandparents, Sina's stories come to life in the Scandinavia 2.0 Collection.


Sina's Mirage Collection is inspired by recent experiences, from moments preserved in memory to imagined places to see in the future.


These high-performance, bleach cleanable geometric patterns mimic the light and dark contrasting shapes found in Norman Foster's glass dome and play with texture and color-with-neutral colorways.

Architectural Textures

Inspired by the many sights Sina has come across in her travels, these textiles have a texture similar to a building or cityscape itself: épingle and ottoman type weaves mimic real or visual building facades.

Palm Springs Weekend

Classic geometrics, linear motifs and endless color combinations inspired by indoor/outdoor living and the best of Palm Springs mid-century architecture.

The Wools Collection

Timeless and luxurious, the four textures in this collection offer a range of seemingly handcrafted fabrics perfect for today’s interiors