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Our pattern of success is Silica

The most sustainable, highest performing, PVC free alternative

Silica Product

The Silica Collection

Embraced by the industry as the gold standard for coated fabrics, our award-winning silica collection is the most sustainable, highest performing, PVC free alternative. Made from three simple components—silicone, a colorant, and a polyester backing— silica causes zero harm to human health, water or air quality, and designed to cause less stress on the environment.

Revolutionizing the textile & wallcovering industry

Silica's endless capabilities include antibacterial and antifungal properties, easy cleanability, and high-performance that stands up to high-traffic areas. Our line of silica textiles and wallcoverings are bold & professional with versatile design possibilities and the perfect innovative solution for use in any high-demand industry.

Silica Textiles

Our award-winning Silica textiles are the most sustainable, highest performing, PVC free alternative. This game-changing product is produced from three simple components: silicone, a colorant and a polyester backing.

Woven Silica Wallcovering

Our award-winning Woven Silica wallcovering is PVC free, naturally breathable and enhances indoor air quality. It is derived from silica sand and a bio-based coating and uniquely removes VOCs from the air.