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Kia Dealerships in OH & KY
Kia Dealerships in OH & KY

Steering into the future of automotive retail spaces with artistic flair, Kia has unveiled a fresh new global brand identity in 2022, starting with two dealerships in Ohio (Cincinnati and Dayton) and one in Lexington, Kentucky. Part of a nationwide rollout, this aesthetic initiative aims to embody KIA's state-of-the-art ethos, in tandem with embracing the electric vehicle (EV) revolution with human-centric and adaptable designs.

At the core of this transformation is Momentum's Woods - Red Oak product used abundantly on walls and ceilings, for a warm, organic elegant aesthetic inspired by Kia's Korean headquarters. This seamless integration of natural wood with Kia's bold, modern identity is expertly crafted by design firm ChangeUp, Inc., showcasing:

  • A futuristic, silver metallic-adorned showroom for Kia's EVs.

  • A welcoming sales area bordered by warm-toned wood panels.

  • Kia's iconic red beam uniting the showroom and customer zone.

  • An architecturally striking exterior with expansive windows for natural lighting.

What Makes This Project Iconic?

The redesign overhaul of these three KIA dealerships represents a revolutionary shift in automotive retail, one that fosters a connection between people and the planet . . . a personable customer experience with environmental awareness. Crafted from 100% cellulose that is FSC certified, and biodegradable, Momentum's Woods SWS-52 Red Oak significantly enhances each Kia site. As this design rolls out to 12 flagship stores and eventually to 7,000 Kia locations worldwide, it symbolizes a statement of quiet luxury, embodying Kia's dedication to quality, environmental stewardship, and a vision of harmony between humanity and the planet.

Design by ChangeUp, Inc.

Photography Credit: flaunt boston LLC