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Q&A with Senior Textile Designer, Ellie Moser

Unraveling the Backstory Behind Her Finnegan Wools Collection

Ellie Moser, our esteemed studio artist and Senior Textile Designer known for her GREENGUARD-certified, fashion-forward textured collections like Paradiso and Parachute, has outdone herself with the Finnegan Collection. This latest collection is an eco-friendly marvel, showcasing three versatile wool blends that invite personal mix-or-match customization. Blending complex, intricate textures with flawless neutral and fresh color schemes, Ellie has crafted a cohesive, captivating design narrative that ties together comfort with modern-classic luxury.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Ellie for an engaging chat about the inspirations, aspirations, and creative backstory behind the Finnegan wools collection. Join us!

Q: What is the central theme of the Finnegan Collection and what was the inspiration behind your designs?

Ellie Moser: I like to think of the Finnegan Collection as an ode to the resilience and timeless elegance of wool. I started working on this project way back in 2021 . . . it was a long process, but a labor of love! The goal was to develop heirloom-quality wool fabrics that are ethically made, sustainably sourced, durable enough to last a lifetime, and affordable to our core customers. Calling this a challenge is an understatement (sometimes it felt more like chasing a unicorn), but the effort paid off – I’m so proud of these patterns.

Since these are classic constructions, I gave them nicknames based on some of my favorite classic books and authors. James Joyce's novel Finnegan’s Wake seemed appropriate for the namesake wild, bold plaid. Shire has a rustic quality that reminded me of Tolkein’s idyllic Hobbit villages. Chekhov (or CHECKhov) has more to do with wordplay than the playwright Anton Chekhov, but I do love his drama Uncle Vanya.

Q: How do you hope designers will respond when they see the collection?

EM: I hope designers will fall in love with our color palettes and be tempted try new things. I’m imagining how different SKUs of Chekhov could be pieced together via colorblocking on couches. Or instead of changing colors, imagine a shift in texture using coordinating colors of both Shire and Chekhov on different panels of a chair (how beautiful would that be?!).

Q: What is your favorite pattern of the line and why?

EM: Chekhov is the one for me because I’m thrilled with how the colors worked out. The yarns are heathered, blending very fine strands of multiple hues. This can be manipulated to create undertones, and I spent weeks tinkering with the formulas to get each one exactly right.

The final blends become fabrics with flexible colors that are much more versatile than single-shade yarns. For example, Chekhov Flame (above, top right) coordinates equally well with cool or warm reds, and Thunder (bottom right) matches almost any variation of grey. There really should be at least one color to match every project!

Q: Which Momentum textiles and wallcoverings would complement the patterns in this collection?

EM: WOOL TEXTURES - I love it when designers combine related textures in one sitting area. Try mixing Finnegan wools with gorgeous wool textures from our previous collections like Wool Multi 513, Wool Weave 510, and Woven Felt. Our rolled acoustic wallcovering line also looks (and sounds) beautiful, with the subtle softness of NuFelt (or its basket-woven version, NuFelt Langley).

EMBELLISHED PLAINS – The felt ground cloths in this category pair nicely with the Finnegan group, and I love how the subtle patterns work as a sort of bridge between the plains and the giant plaid. Pairings could include textiles like Pop Up, Tech Weave, Sunbeam 523, or Ronda, and etched rolled acoustic wallcoverings like rounded NuFelt Darning or ribbed Manchester.

DENSE GRIDWORK – Overlapping grids in smaller scales such as Sunny and Just Add Plaid or wallcoverings like La Foret Stripe or Sagano can be used as unexpected companions with Finnigan’s large plaid. The feathery brushstrokes of Sketching Air look even softer when paired with Chekhov and Shire, offering an alternative statement pattern.

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