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Q+A with Stacy Garcia

Flipping Through BDNY 2023 Trends & Hospitality Design Forecasting for 2024 and Beyond

BDNY brings together professionals in the high-design hospitality space. Designers, architects, suppliers, and key decision-makers explore the latest trends, innovations, and products to inspire forward-thinking designs that keep guests coming back.


We were honored to exhibit at BDNY this year to showcase our favorite textiles and wallcoverings, and our booth would not have been complete without the timeless design and innovative style we always see from Stacy Garcia. Known for her global lifestyle brands, Stacy adds a well-traveled edge to the ever-evolving world of interiors.


We sat down with Stacy to chat about what stood out at this year’s show, trend forecasting, and how breaking from the pack sets you apart in the world of hospitality design.

Q: What color and pattern trends were most prevalent at BDNY this year?

A: The first trend that stood out to me was that earth tones were very prominent. Everything from rich browns, to camels, tans, and terracottas were being showcased. My team is loving this new warm palette. It feels very grounded and cozy. Materials like wools and corks along with natural stone all enhance this look.


The second was a counter trend to the calming earth tones, and that was hyper fantasy. Metaverse inspired hues, sculptural mirrors and lighting and candy colored bath fixtures are creating a sense of escapism for guests.

Q: What sessions and/or speakers did you find most inspiring?

A: I loved the “Power Players” panel at the women’s leadership breakfast. It was a great discussion that was hosted by NEWH and Material Bank.


The panel of inspirational women included Helen Jorgensen, LeAnn Shelton, Melissa Banko, Nina Grondin, Vanessa Waldner, Alexis Readinger, and Julie Frank.

Q: What design elements need to align to create the ultimate guest experience?

A: That is a BIG question! Furniture layout and quality, material selection, lighting, and art all need to come together to create the perfect ambiance. However, it takes more than just design elements to create the ultimate guest experience. The level of training and skill of the hotel staff, food & beverage, amenities, and even scent all play a significant role in the overall experience for the hotel guests.

Q: What hospitality design trends are you forecasting for 2024?

A: We are forecasting a few new looks. One is called “delicate preservation,” which is a quiet palette that blends wellness and sustainable practices focused on natural materials and reverence for the environment.

Q: What advice would you give a designer who wants to create something groundbreaking?

A: Groundbreaking for me means doing something that hasn’t been done before but in a way that resonates with many people. My advice would be to look for a need in the marketplace and see how you can provide a creative solution. Don’t follow the pack and be a bit of a contrarian!

When it comes to creating a unique, captivating, trend-forward hospitality space, look to Stacy Garcia for wallcovering designs that wow.

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