Finishes Guide

For pattern P3tec Balance Type II, the below represent finishes that can be ordered directly through Customer Service. Standard lead times and minimum quantities may apply.


    Microventing helps reduce the risk of accumulating excess moisture that can potentially cause mold and mildew by allowing vapors to pass through wallcovering. During the microventing process, tiny holes are punctured through the surface allowing the material to breathe. The overall appearance of microvented wallcovering remains unaltered, keeping the same physical performance and durability as un-microvented wallcovering. The most accurate way to tell if a wallcovering is microvented is to hold it up to a light source, making the tiny holes visible.


    Applying INVISICAP to select industry-leading Type II wallcovering designs will ensure complete chemical protection for your wallcovering, while preserving the nuanced, natural looks of silks, linens, woven textures, and other designs. INVISICAP protects against all cleaning and disinfecting chemicals, in any concentration.

Additional custom finishes and backings may be available. Minimum quantities and extended lead times may apply.

Please contact your sales representative or [email protected] with any questions.