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Embracing the Great Outdoors

The Growth of Biophilic Elements in Modern Hospitality Spaces

Amid the concrete jungles and digital landscapes that define today’s urban settings, the modern hospitality sector is now turning inwards—and outdoors—for aesthetic inspiration.

In 2024, biophilic design is predicted to have a quiet yet wildly impactful moment within metropolitan hotels, luxury resorts, and other guest accommodations across the globe. Blurring the lines between man-made interiors and nature influences, biophilic design principles strive to connect humanity, architecture, and Mother Nature together under one roof. This interplay turns hotels into ecosystems where dynamic human energy and biodiversity thrive together.

Ancient Roots, Modern Retreats: Nature's Role in Hospitality Design

The term biophilia—translated in Greek as the “love of life or living things”—is a true force of nature that puts biophilic design in action. Within hospitality interiors, every space offers abundant opportunity to add both real and replicated natural textures, patterns, shapes, and colors.

Lobbies, walkways, and hotel restaurants benefit from flower and plant displays like life walls or mini gardens, serene water fountains, wood and stone features or décor, and even the simple joy of natural light pouring through the windows.

The connection to the wild can further entwine into wall or furniture design. From wood finishes, stone effects, and jute to renewable wools, multi-tonal waterfalls, botanical motifs, and beyond, our product selections across upholstery fabrics and wallcoverings are naturally aligned with organic, refined biophilic design.

Color Journey: Into The Wild

Drawn by nature, color palette options for biophilic design are as diverse as Mother Nature’s vast landmarks and elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Hospitality architects and designers can choose fabric patterns and solids in natural colors ranging from cozy tans, chocolates, creams, and olive greens to crisp greys, mist greens, lilacs, and more.

With colorways ranging from deep Rainforest and Tamarind to light Moonlight and Sugarcane, wallcoverings like our gingko-patterned Kaali provide a gorgeous example of how biophilic design can exude either warm or cool earth tone options that feel equally serene.

On the opposite spectrum, colors shift from the neutral into the saturated bold and bright. Think tropical bursts of crimson, orange, and sunny yellows to vibrant magentas, chartreuse ivy greens, and beyond. Inspired by natural forms like birds of paradise and cacti, our Paradiso Collection (notably the Paradiso textile itself) prove that biophilic design can pack an energizing punch in any hotel space.

Biophilic Bliss: An In/Outdoor Oasis for Mind, Body, & Soul

Merging art with science, biophilic design transcends aesthetics to offer notable physiological and emotional advantages. Studies continuously show that nature exposure reduces feelings of stress and anxiety, and boosts creativity, productivity, and tranquility.

Aside from direct nature, multisensory experiences also play a pivotal role in biophilic design. Nature or natural surroundings can help increase mindfulness and engage all 5 senses. Inside busy hotels, soundproofing panels and wallcoverings like Momentum’s Pindrop line create an inclusive, serene biophilic space where individuals or collaborative groups alike can converse and hear one another crystal-clear, or freely shut out the world outside their walls.

Many hotel sites also provide therapeutic options, from ambient music and soothing nature sounds available to stream in the background of a guest suite to premium spa treatments and meditation or slow flow yoga classes. With biophilia in mind, modern hospitality becomes no longer simply a place to sleep and stay; it serves as a space to support healing and wellbeing—with permission for travelers to settle in, reflect, and tune into the body and mind (all while tuning out the external buzz).

Going Green: Biophilic Design Making an Environmental Impact

With such an emphasis on nature and natural elements, biophilic design can also naturally lead to hotel’s real-world efforts in sustainability initiatives and missions.

At Momentum, we take this seriously. Guided by our commitment to the environment, human health, and good corporate citizenship, we are proud to offer our clients the world's most sustainable textiles and wallcoverings. From our first 100% post-consumer recycled polyester collections to our award-winning Silica Textiles and Woven Silica Wallcoverings, our PVC-free products, and industry-first EPUs, we create innovative beautiful, durable sustainable solutions.  

A significant portion of our product range is Phthalate-free, PFAS-free, and adheres to Low-VOC CA Section 01350 standards. Moreover, many of our wallcovering products have EPDs and HPDs further underscoring our commitment to sustainability and transparency. 

Additionally, our ‘2 Clicks Memo Return’ program has successfully recycled over 700,000 memo sample.    

Biophilic design is a hospitality interior design trend predicted to grow in popularity in 2024, reminding tourists and travelers to slow down from the hustle and bustle of life and savor the nurturing benefits of nature, inside and out. For more trends and inspiration on the latest textile and wallcovering designs inspired by the market, visit us at one of our physical locations or further explore our online resources and product lines at

  • 01

    Grounded Palette

    Earthy shades from warm sepia to cool moss give any room a relaxed, refined air.
  • 02

    Outside Influences

    Integrate natural textures, sunlight, and live plants for a zen in/outdoor habitat.
  • 03

    Soothing Patterns

    Soft ripples, flowering vines, and organic lines resemble the rhythmic art of nature.
  • 04

    Quiet Quarters

    Enjoy a serene escape with acoustic designs fit for spa rooms to healing sound baths.


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