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Shire - Seaside

$70.00 / YD

Availability: 91.2 yards in stock
Application: Upholstery
Sub-Category: Woven
SKU: 09570108
Color: Seaside

A wool boucle with a complex weave, SHIRE's open and airy appearance belies its incredible strength and durability. Available in a wide assortment of 15 heathered bold and neutral colors, its latticework of enmeshed boucle sits on a grounded background_together these layers create depth and beauty.
ABOUT THE COLLECTION: FINNEGAN, CHEKOV and SHIRE: Natural, renewable, and implicitly durable. The most irresistible feature of the Finnegan wool collection is the sumptuous, creative and modern color combinations, fine-tuned to capture the exciting energy of the moment.

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