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Mixing Work & Wanderlust

The Bleisure Era in Hospitality

Venturing to a new city for work often presents a hidden opportunity—the chance to turn a business trip into an explorative adventure. Imagine extending your stay through the weekend, or using evenings to immerse yourself in local culture outings and relaxation.

In recent years, the concept of Bleisure, the blurring of lines between business trips and leisure getaways, has transformed the travel and hospitality landscape. This rising trend aligns seamlessly with the four core themes of Hilton’s 2024 Traveler Report: prioritizing restful sleep, personalized connectivity, local culture influencing leisure, and the transformative power of business travel trends.

Designing for the Bleisure Lifestyle

Both public and private bleisure spaces master the art of efficiency, comfort, and customization. Envision hotel rooms that cater to both corporate remote work and tranquil retreats, libraries with plush reading chairs by a fireplace (in place of traditional lobbies), and dynamic co-working spaces equipped with Alexa, dry-erase walls for collaborative conversations, and contemporary designs replacing drab computer rooms.

Key components of a bleisure hotel space include:

·   Adaptable Spaces

Hotels are evolving to meet modern needs, creating rooms with dual-purpose elements like wall-mounted pull-down desks for work to pull-out sleeper sofas for restful evenings.

·  Tech Integration

Advanced, reliable digital assets like universal high-speed Wi-Fi, app-controlled services, smart rooms, and ample outlets ensure seamless productivity in (and out) of the guestrooms.

· Local Aesthetics

 Lodging sites can embrace bleisure from the outside in by mirroring the local culture or history. Remind visitors of the site's unique charm or history through art, motifs, or Momentum's Digital Creation services for creating a one-of-a-kind statement wall.

Our Digital Creations combine the timeless allure of art with the limitless potential of technology, enabling designers to turn hospitality spaces into custom bleisure-enriched experiences.

These on-demand digital wallcovering service are available in 3 print-ready options:

·   Artist Designs - printed creations from top artists like Shantell Martin and Sina Pearson.

·   Studio Designs - collections printed by Momentum's talented in-house experts.

·   Your Own Designs - lead your own DIY design process and we bring the vision to life.

Consider, for instance, the University of Louisville opening new Belknap Village dorms in 2021/22 (above and below) that replaced outdated, drab residence halls. Each area of the spaces was intentionally updated with contemporary-patterned and colorful wallcoverings (with assistance from Momentum Creations) that are more than decor; they are a celebration of, and home to, a vibrant, diverse student community in the heart of Kentucky.

Whether self-designed or pre-selected, all digital wallcoverings enable every wall to become a canvas that can narrate the unique story and cultural artistry of the location—as well as make guests' stays feel like an imprinted "core memory" and destination to recommend to others (or return to another time).

Tuning Into Bleisure Needs

Volume levels are also an important factor in the hybrid work/play spaces of hotels. From bustling conference rooms to serene nooks, bespoke acoustic solutions deliver peace and quiet.

Our offerings range from custom-sized acoustic wallcoverings to architecturally integrated layers and unique 3D shapes for varied layouts on walls. These acoustic selections effectively reduce outside noise and inside echoes to ensure serene, sound-balanced environments. Plus, each acoustic product is sustainably crafted to meet criteria for LEED and other key green building certificates, ensuring both tranquility and eco-friendly practices.

The Bleisure trend presents exciting implications for the A&D community, particularly in hotel design. As we move towards a future where every moment is optimized, hotels are becoming experience havens that co-mingle aesthetic elegance and ease. . . productivity with recreation. For additional trends & top textile and wallcovering designs, visit our physical showrooms or online at

  • 01

    Metropolis Spark

    Geometric shapes, lustrous details, and vivid colors bring the city's vitality inside.
  • 02

    Global Impacts

    Transport interiors with patterns and textures inspired by every continent.
  • 03

    Sound Escapes

    Volume-controlled spaces with acoustic panels offer peace or productivity.
  • 04

    Green Impressions

    Take care of the environment inside and out with stunning sustainable materials.


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