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Some Sound Advice

Installation of Momentum acoustic solutions vary by type, and can be adjusted to your unique needs. Rolled acoustic is hung like all soft wallcoverings, while Pindrop rigid Panels and Shapes can be installed via adhesion to the substrate or using Z-clips, standoffs or mechanical fasteners (i.e. screws), all of which we offer.

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Pindrop Hardware

Designs that will leave them speechless

Make space for sound. Momentum acoustics. Spring 2023

Decades of experience of bringing innovation and inspiring designs to commercial and hospitality interiors have formed the basis for our collection of acoustic solutions that bring elegance, fun, function, and a good deal of joy to every space.

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    We've woven sustainability into every sound-dampening solution we create. We like the sound of that.
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    Acoustics 101

    Combine materials of varying sound absorption ratings to create just the right lively hum, without creating too much buzz.
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    Everything you need, all in one place. Easily find and download specifications, installation instructions, and BIM files.

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