Introducing Circon™

The first bio-sourced, carbon-neutral, climate-forward wallcovering.

First collection launches in September 2024

New Circon from Momentum is a sustainable breakthrough to celebrate.

The future is brighter starting today with Circon, a revolutionary wallcovering substrate brought to market by Momentum in partnership with Versa Designed Surfaces. Circon is the first bio-sourced, carbon-neutral, Type II vinyl wallcovering working toward a carbon-free future — at a price, performance and beauty comparable to conventional vinyl. Sustainable is now truly attainable, and only at Momentum.

Circon is a better wallcovering option for our greater good.

Environmental and Health certifications and specifications:

  • Over 70% bio-based/bio-attributed

  • Certified carbon neutral

  • No phthalates, heavy metals, formaldehyde or halogenated flame retardants

  • Wood-based feedstock is 100% renewable from sustainable forestry

  • Algae-like base material sequesters carbon during its formation

  • Proprietary bio-based backing is 100% renewable and sequesters carbon before formation

  • Highly cleanable, water-based inks and 100% recyclable packaging including 100% recycled FSC cores

  • 100% recyclable

  • Aggressive manufacturing materials recovery and reuse program

  • HPD (Health Product Declaration), EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)

  • Prop 65 Compliant

  • Meets State of Washington Building Specification for Indoor Air Quality

  • Meets California Section 01350 Indoor Air Quality Standard


  • Support USGBC LEED v4.1 Criteria

  • Materials and Resources; Building Product Disclosure and Optimization (includes Recycled Content; Construction Waste Management; HPDs)

  • Indoor Environmental Quality; Low-Emitting

Carbon neutral. Budget positive.

Circon rapidly renewable technology is the first of its kind, significantly reducing carbon footprint and cost. Priced within the vinyl range, Circon is a viable option for any scale project. Specifying Circon creates a perpetual, bright impact for your clients, their spaces, their visitors, our planet.

Circon, named for its circular economy.

Every yard of this new-generation wallcovering from Momentum will continue to have a sustainable impact long beyond its project life. Offering a lower embodied carbon footprint, Circon is fully recyclable and supports a full reclamation program. We are committed not only to minimizing waste, but also to maximizing the lifespan of the materials used in interior spaces. Your specification of Circon helps to sustain a brighter today and many tomorrows.

Brighten your impact in hospitality, workplace, education, and healthcare.

High traffic, high quality and highly renewable, together at last. Every yard of Circon displaces fossil fuels while delivering excellence in durability and aesthetics.

At Momentum, we believe that beauty also sustains the environments you create. In addition to the debut of four Circon nature-based designs, we can customize Circon sustainable substrate with more than 100 designs in the Momentum Versa collection or the Momentum Digital Creation collection. We can even work with your own designs and artwork.

The Sustainable Alternative the Industry Has Been Waiting For

  • 01

    Over 70% Bio-Based/Bio-Attributed

  • 02

    Certified Carbon Neutral

  • 03

    100% Recyclable/Full Reclamation Program

  • 04

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

Circon Custom available now.

Be the first to specify this first-of-a-kind wallcovering. Circon sustainable substrate is now available to order as a custom option with more than 100 designs in the Momentum Versa collection or the Momentum Digital Creation collection. Have your own design or artwork? We can work with you to create a unique Circon wallcovering. Contact us to start a custom Circon order today.

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