Designer Spotlight

Yinka Ilori
Yinka Ilori

Color You Can Feel

The power of color goes beyond beautiful design—it can shape our mood, energy, and overall well-being. Though each color has a primary effect, combining different colors can amplify this effect in a palpable way.

Momentum has harnessed this power in our newest collaboration with Yinka Ilori, a British-Nigerian multidisciplinary artist and designer whose bold, vibrant works draw inspiration from his dual heritage. Seeing the playful designs he creates for urban spaces, as well as how he effortlessly infuses dull, mundane objects with a new light, Momentum realized the unique opportunity to reimagine our approach to professional interiors.

Yinka’s artistic ethos is a perfect complement to Momentum’s thoughtful use of color, culminating in designs that inspire, uplift, and delight. By incorporating his masterful use of color, designers can spark feelings of joy and optimism in their spaces and leave an everlasting impression.


Yinka Ilori's textile collection beautifully blends cultural storytelling with imaginative design. The five distinct patterns—"Shower Me With Flowers" (geometric florals), "Dream Catchers" (whimsical shapes), "Eyes in Reflection" (rounded motif grid), "Blossoms Time" (woven solid-colored textures), and "Rhythms Surround You" (vibrant geometric stripes)—bring a burst of joy and artistry to any commercial space.


A geometric array of artistry, Yinka Ilori’s wallcovering collection includes three playful patterns—"Rhythms Surround You" (also available as a dynamic textile), "Moving Mountains" (layered arches and circles), and "Shifting Motions" (a kaleidoscopic collage of shapes). Each design infuses professional environments with eye-catching exuberance and emotional impact.

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